ActiveScore Design Consultancy

If you’re considering upgrading the Active Travel amenities in your building, speak to us first. ActiveScore offer a comprehensive design consultation service, covering detailed drawings, expert workshops, product specifications and professional guidance. We can also work with your appointed architects and designers to guarantee a world-class ActiveScore rating for your project.

Active Travel is the healthiest and most sustainable way to get around our cities and urban centers. And buildings are adapting to the evolving needs and demands of their tenants, with improved amenities like bike parking, changing rooms, showers and signage.

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We begin with workshops, where we discuss the project and the client’s needs and aspirations. Further consultations are arranged to mark key milestones throughout the design process.

Concept Design

When a clear direction is established, we draft a detailed layout proposal. Everything from access points and surface finishes, to material specifications and product quantities is considered – all the elements that combine to create a world-class facility.​

3D Visuals

Once layouts are locked in place, we can create 3D images of the facility. This makes visualizing the space, plus exploring colors and materials easy. The final renders can be used as marketing assets.

Product Specifications

We work closely with leading industry suppliers and always aim to select the best tools and products for each unique project. We know that user-friendliness, reliability and quality matter.

Project Delivery

To guarantee a world-beating outcome we project manage all of our designs from concept to creation. We're with you every step of the way.​

Marketing Material

Top class facilities deserve recognition – so every project we work on includes ActiveScore certification. Professional documentation with video and photography is also available.


Our Ratings

From an entry-level Certified rating to a world-class Platinum 100, the ActiveScore system is designed to encourage amenity upgrades where possible. We're always happy to help ambitious partners on their journey of improvement. ​

The ActiveScore System

Our methodology measures three aspects of Active Travel


What physical facilities does your building have? These include bike racks, clothing lockers, showers and way-finding. Can tenants access the facilities freely and easily?

Tenant Engagement Services

What Active Travel services are available for the people in your building? This includes bike servicing, laundry services and Active Travel user groups.


Does your building have a strategy for Ative Travel expansion? Can your tenants be confident that their building is as future-proof as possible?

Health and Well-being

ActiveScore originated from a need within real estate. After meetings with several leading landlords, developers & agents, we learned that health and well-being facilities mattered almost as much to users as rent and internet connectivity.​


Buildings without Active Travel facilities do not appeal to contemporary audiences.​ Premises with considered amenities are particularly attractive to people working in media, design, advertising and civil services. And when it comes to flexible workspaces, Active Travel offerings goes hand-in-hand with other wellness services.​

Attract and Retain Tenants

ActiveScore certification assures both landlords and tenants that their building has reached a certain standard. For real estate agents and brokers, it communicates the benefits of an asset in a clear and repeatable way. ​ Until recently, transparent and reliable information on Active Travel offering has not been available. That’s where we come in – an ActiveScore rating is the first step towards a happy and healthy working environment, one that attracts and retains tenants.


ActiveScore certification can help your business or building meet its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.​ Tenants who actively travel to work will help reduce the environmental impact of your building. We can help measure this using our Clean Air Calculator. Fewer people using automobiles is good for our cities and good for the planet.