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ActiveScore ratings attract and retain tenants

ActiveScore certification boosts ESG

We’re on a mission to get people moving.

We do this by helping buildings create the infrastructure and services
that support and inspire Active Travel.


82% of commuters surveyed reported being less stressed after riding to work


On average active commuters take 1.3 fewer sick days per year than non-active commuters


Adults participating in daily physical activity have a 30% lower risk of depression.

White Paper

Read the White Paper ActiveScore co-authored with The Future Mobility Network:
"A mobility transition past the front door; the case for Active Travel“.

Submitted to CVS Congress Utrecht, Netherlands

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Report on Smart Cities

The vital role of the bicycle in creating cleaner, more liveable smart cities.

Research was carried out on the top 583 largest cities in the developed world.

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More than 250 projects worldwide are ActiveScore certified

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ActiveScore is not just for new buildings​

Upgrading existing facilities is cost-effective and can be done with minimal disruption. We have advised hundreds of clients on the most efficient and effective approaches for creating world-class amenities. If you're considering enhancing your building speak to us first.​

Benefits of ActiveScore for Existing Buildings
Benefits of ActiveScore for Proposed Building

The ActiveScore System

Our methodology measures three aspects of Active Travel


What physical facilities does your building have? These include bike racks, clothing lockers, showers and way-finding. Can tenants access the facilities freely and easily?

Tenant Engagement Services

What Active Travel services are available for the people in your building? This includes bike servicing, laundry services and Active Travel user groups.


Does your building have a strategy for Ative Travel expansion? Can your tenants be confident that their building is as future-proof as possible?

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